WPEngine Coupons 2017

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WPEngine Coupon 2017

WPEngine is a top provider of web hosting, known for a number of features such as faster delivery times for your page content, traffic load increases, a solid, affordable pricing structure, and good customer service. No matter what type of WordPress blog you’re running, WPEngine is designed specifically with WordPress in mind — in order to deliver the most powerful, speedy service available. Using WPEngine, as well as a coupon or two to receive a discount on your first months of service, you’ll find this provider to be one of the better WordPress offerings available.

Pricing and Plans

WPEngine features three main plans, including personal, professional, and business offers. The personal plan goes for $29 per month, with one install, 10GB storage, and 25 thousand visits per month. The professional plan gives you 10 installs and 100K visits monthly, with a $99 monthly price tag, and the business plan goes for $249 per month and allows for 25 installs, as well as 400,000 visits per month and unlimited data transfer. Use a wpengine coupon for a discounted price.

For those seeking to just run a blog or small site, the personal plan is fine. The professional plan gives you a good solution for hosting client sites, or numerous sites on smaller platforms. The business plan is great for people in need of a larger scale solution — as well as GeoIP access and an affordable price for shared hosting environments.

Company History

WPEngine first started up in 2010 when WordPress was catching on as the premier content management system for users of all times. Sound Cloud, Balsamiq, FourSquare, HTC, and a number of other bloggers and businesses were quickly switching over to WPEngine at that time. The company is now fully growing into a web service and hosting solution for WordPress sites. For this reason, users seeking a managed WordPress hosting platform will find WPEngine to be one of the best choices out there.


Some of the main features of WPEngine include a site migration process that is totally hassle free, simple, easy, and done for you by the tech folks at WPengine. They also feature affordable pricing plans, malware scans, daily backups, and speedy site loading times. Thanks to their unique content distribution network, as well as a number of other delivery features, their service allows you to quickly improve response time of your server load. When ping times are measured, WPengine continually ranks higher than other hosts in terms of latency, basically halving your ping times no matter provider you are currently with.


One coupon code through WPEngine will allow you to receive up to half price on your first 3 months of WordPress hosting through the provider. By simply entering the code, you can get a great discount. Another code offers a free domain and 60% off for signing up with the business or personal plans — as well as a free site transfer and three months of hosting service.

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Top Rated Customer Support

One thing that WPEngine continually ranks well on is their customer support. Their staff is generally very experienced and informed, as well able to provide quick results whenever you have a problem that needs to be taken care of. Their staff are all very passionate about their jobs, wanting to deliver premium service in a short amount of time. Even if your problem requires a great deal of working with details to figure out the exact solution, they’ll stay on the line with you until the job gets done.

Additional Features and Benefits

WPEngine offers premium WordPress hosting that is managed, meaning you also get an SLA backing (which includes refunds if you aren’t happy with the uptime policy). Their daily malware scans and backups ensure that your site stays online — and that no intruders are able to destroy or harm your files.

Thanks to their staging site platforms, you can set up and test your new site iterations and be sure they work well before putting the full version into operation. Staging sites let you test the site, add features, redesign the layout, or find bugs and do testing to make sure it’s working out right.

Another key feature of WPEngine is LargeFS, a special syncing tool for Amazon S3 so that you can gain unlimited storage for any site you host through the provider. They also feature a new technology called Evercache, which helps with scalability, speed, and overall caching possibility thanks to the powder and flexibility of their servers.

Who is Best Served by WPEngine

Users who are wanting to get their site to go viral, or who need a single WordPress site solution with medium to higher amounts of traffic, would do well to sign up with this host. In addition, if you find the prospect of setting up your site and managing it to be daunting, you can basically get the team at WPEngine to do everything for you, ensuring that you never have to worry about losing data — or even managing your site layout much at all. Aside from a few clicks now and then, you won’t have to go back in and edit anything within your site layout.

It’s also a great choice to go with WPEngine if you find that your WordPress site seems to continually be hacked or get attacked by malware and cybercriminal activity. If for some reason you’re also depending on your site as you main source of income, WPEngine understands this, and will make certain to keep your site up and running at all times.

Cache Tuning and Backups

A key feature of WPEngine is the host’s ability to tune file caches and make sure backups are up to date. Their backup mechanism ensures that at all times, your service remains fully functioning — as well as running at premium capability. Users visiting the site will always see the freshest version, and if for any reason your site goes down, you won’t have to worry about problems in the future, since the staff will take care of any issues you might be having.


A top provider of managed WordPress hosting, WPEngine remains a powerful source of content distribution and site management. With a number of pricing plans and a structure that will accommodate bloggers, e-commerce site owners, and more, you’ll find this service to be one of the best available. Using a coupon, you can quickly receive a discount on your service, as well.